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About Stirlingshire Investments

Stirlingshire Investments was created for Accredited Investors & Finance Professionals on the belief that the Full-Service Broker-Dealer model and the Discount Broker-Dealer model have consistently underdelivered for both the Clients and Advisors, and the best way to change the current model is to tear it down and build something new from the ground up. We are merging the best parts of each model and getting rid of the not so good parts to develop a Hybrid Broker-Dealer model that we believe you will love. You want to Self-Direct, be our guest! You can trade with Zero Commission, and we won't accept any Payment for Order Flow. (Your order may be directed to a Market Maker if it's believed a better price can be obtained than what is currently available in the lit market, but Stirlingshire will never accept any PFOF). Many people with Full-Service asset managers have been paying 1-2% of their assets annually, and for what? To be diversified into dozens of funds composed of hundreds of different stocks and bonds? Your advisor probably speaks to you a couple of times a year when it's time for them to move you from one fund to the next to demonstrate they are doing something. In reality, you might be able to buy an index fund and do better without the fees if all you wanted to do was track the market. Stirlingshire has a different approach; we allocate a dedicated licensed Representative for clients who sign up without an advisor. The way they make money is directly tied to you making money. You will only pay a commission when taking profits on an investment that the Representative has brought to you, and if they bring you something that you lose money on, there is no commission, so it is in their best interest to make and save you money. The Representatives are all put on a 100% payout which means their Gross Pay is 100% of the Commissions they do. Thanks to the internet, research is a virtual commodity, and if your Representative can’t find what we believe is the best deal for themselves then why should you think they could find the best deal for you? The idea that the Representative that is making the recommendation to the client and helping to guide them in and out of markets to try and help them make and save more money having to split their revenue with the firm doesn't sit well with us. The legacy clients the Representative brings with them can stay on the current fee schedule they have been on if they are happy with it. We will not interfere with the business the Representative has spent years building. We look to complement the Representative’s current business with additional inbound client flow and become the premier location for Accredited Investors to self-direct their trades without worrying that the firm is routing their order somewhere against their best interest due to Payment for Order Flow. Join us to make the Asset Management model Better for Clients, Better for Advisors.

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Our Vision

We seek to fundamentally change the current Full-Service Broker-Dealer model so that other firms are forced to follow in our footsteps. Forcing other firms to treat their clients and staff better and align the interest of both more closely is what we are focused on daily. Our goal is to have 5,000 Licensed Reps on the platform by the beginning of 2028 and 5million Accredited Investors from around the globe actively investing and trading with Stirlingshire. Please join us in making the asset management model better for all parties involved.

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Our Mission

Stirlingshire will make the Asset Management model Better for Clients, Better for Advisors.

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Stirlingshire Client Relationship Summary

Securities trading is offered by Stirlingshire BD LLC., (dba Stirlingshire Investments), a broker-dealer registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stirlingshire BD LLC is also a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). The material on this website is not intended as a recommendation, offer, or solicitation for purchasing or selling any security or investment strategy. Stirlingshire offers securities brokerage services to Accredited Investors only. All information provided by Stirlingshire BD LLC's Licensed Representatives is to aid in the decision-making process for the client, who is the end-user and has the ultimate responsibility for processing all trades in their account. Stirlingshire BD LLC. does not allow discretionary accounts, and the client executes and verifies all transactions via the Stirlingshire mobile app or Stirlingshire web platform. Stirlingshire BD LLC operates on a fully disclosed basis through our clearing firm APEX Clearing, and all securities and accounts are held and titled at APEX Clearing. Additional information is available in our Client Relationship Summary. The FDIC does not back securities investments, and trading carries risk, including the loss of more than your original investment. Stirlingshire BD LLC. does not provide tax advice.

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